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Check out this ‘little D’ Aero Kit for the Suzuki Jimny, built by DAMD, a custom car workshop based in Japan
Suzuki Jimny is an extremely popular vehicle in plenty of international markets, owing to its brilliant off-road capability and extremely affordable price. With such popularity, there’s plenty of aftermarket support available for the little SUV, including a lot of custom body kits. Here, we have another such kit for the Jimny, called ‘little D’, built by DAMD.
The ‘little D’ body kit can be had either as a complete package, or you can purchase individual parts as per your liking. With the complete package, you also get the additional choice of ‘WILDBOAR’ wheels, or you can choose to have the ‘DEAN Cross Country wheels, with or without the rest of the body kit.
The kit brings a lot of changes to the stock car, including the addition of a hood cover, mud flaps, a new front bumper, new rear bumper, new front grille, and plenty of custom badging. You can also opt for new seat covers, along with a numberplate relocation kit. The latter is available for this body kit as well as the stock vehicle.

In terms of looks, the ‘little D’ kit turns the Suzuki Jimny into a Land Rover Defender (previous-generation) lookalike, with the green-coloured Oval ‘little D’ badge imitating the Land Rover emblem. It also gets ‘LITTLE: D’ lettering on the hood, which adds a little macho appeal to the design.
The steel rims with the high profile off-road rubber lend the modified Jimny a utilitarian look, while also enhancing its off-road capability. Overall, we quite love this mod job, and wish to see something similar on Indian roads soon. The complete price breakdown is as follows.


Back Camera Kit
USD 38.90/ INR 2,917

Bonnet/Hood Cover
USD 624.43/ INR 46,832

Bonnet/Hood Cover (unpainted)
USD 491.35/ INR 36,851

Complete Kit
USD 3,152.81/ INR 2,36,460.75

Complete Kit (unpainted)
USD 2,559.10/ INR 1,91,932.50

Complete Kit + ‘DEAN x little D’ Wheels (set of 5)
USD 5,200.08/ INR 3,90,006

Complete Kit (unpainted) + ‘DEAN x little D’ Wheels (set of 5)
USD 4,606.38/ INR 3,45,478.50

Complete Kit + ‘WILDBOAR’ Wheels (set of 5)
USD 4,790.63/ INR 3,59,297.25

Complete Kit (unpainted) + ‘WILDBOAR’ Wheels (set of 5)
USD 4,196.92/ INR 3,14,769.50

‘DEAN x little D’ Wheels (set of 5)
USD 2,456.73/ INR 1,84,200

Front Bumper
USD 829.15/ INR 62,186.25

Front Bumper (unpainted)
USD 593.71/ INR 44,528.25

Front Grille
USD 603.95/ INR 45,294.75

Front Grille
USD 491.35/ INR 36,851.25

License Plate Relocation Kit (for normal bumper)
USD 151.50/ INR 11,362.50

License Plate Relocation Kit (for little D. bumper)
USD 59.38/ INR 4,453.50

little D AOL Decal
USD 184.26/ INR 13,819.50

little D Seat Covers
USD 696.07/ INR 52,205.25

little D Letter Emblem
USD 49.14/ INR 3,685.50

little D Oval Emblem
USD 29.68/ INR 2,226

Mud Flap
USD 286.62/ INR 21,496.50

Rear Bumper (Matt Black)
USD 870.10/ INR 65,257.50

Rear Bumper (unpainted)
USD 757.50/ INR 56,812.50

*1 USD ~ 75 INR, shipping and handling charges not included

Previously, plenty of media reports had claimed that Maruti Suzuki will be setting up a manufacturing facility in India for the Jimny, and manufacturing a five-door version. If true, the SUV would be another sub-4-metre addition to Maruti’s line-up, We’ll have to wait and watch what Maruti has in store for us regarding the Jimny, if it does have anything planned indeed.

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