New tools allow users to see hotspots, zone-based classification, isolation centres, testing facilities and more

COVID-19 tools can be used by companies and web developers on their own websites and apps

MapMyIndia has released new COVID-19 tools on its mapping service to provide users with relevant information on the spread of the virus in their locations. The mapping service says the new tools are aimed at marking safer routes for people and will allow companies to identify locations where they can resume operations.

The new COVID-19 tools allows users to monitor coronavirus hotspots in their cities as well as keep a check on district-wise zone classification, that is whether the district falls in the Red, Orange or Green zone. The tools also lets users find the nearest testing and isolation centres, map routes away from hotspots, and more.

Furthermore, users can even contact local authorities on issues related to the lockdown via the interactive map.

The company has also said that companies and developers can make use of the COVID-19 tools into their web and mobile applications.

Since the start of the lockdown in India, multiple mapping companies have rolled out updates and features to pass on information to users. Google Maps currently allows users to see food and rest shelters set up by the government in multiple cities.

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