The Kia Sonet has just been launched in India, with prices starting at Rs 6.71 lakh. This is Kia’s third offering in our market and is positioned in the extremely competitive compact-SUV segment. We analyse the new Sonet’s prices to see where exactly it sits in the segment.

Kia Sonet petrol variant prices start at Rs 6.71 lakh

Diesel-powered Kia Sonet prices start at Rs 8.05 lakh

Kia has not yet revealed prices of the top-spec automatic variants

Competing in the compact-SUV segment, the Kia Sonet currently takes on the likes of the Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300, Ford EcoSport and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

How does the Kia Sonet compare to its petrol rivals?

As things stand, every model in the compact-SUV segment can be had with a petrol engine. While all but the Mahindra XUV300 can be had with an automatic gearbox for its petrol engine. We have compiled all the prices below. 

Kia Sonet vs Rivals (petrol) pricesKia SonetHyundai VenueTata NexonMaruti Suzuki Vitara BrezzaMahindra XUV300Ford EcoSportVariantPriceVariantPrice*VariantPrice*VariantPrice*VariantPrice*VariantPrice*1.2 HTERs 6.71 lakh1.2 ERs 6.75 lakhXERs 7.00 lakhLXi Rs 7.34 lakhW4Rs 7.95 lakhAmbienteRs 8.17 lakh1.2 HTKRs 7.59 lakh1.2 SRs 7.45 lakhXMRs 7.84 lakhVXiRs 8.35 lakhW6Rs 8.98 lakhTrend Rs 8.97 lakh1.2 HTK+Rs 8.45 lakh1.2 S+Rs 8.37 lakhXMARs 8.44 lakhZXiRs 9.10 lakhW8Rs 9.90 lakhTitaniumRs 9.76 lakh1.0 HTK+ iMTRs 9.49 lakh1.0 S Rs 8.51 lakhXZRs 8.84 lakhZXi+Rs 9.75 lakhW8 (O)Rs 10.97 lakhTitanium ATRs 10.66 lakh1.0 HTX iMTRs 9.99 lakh1.0 S ATRs 9.65 lakhXZ+Rs 9.64 lakhVXi ATRs 9.75 lakh–ThunderRs 10.66 lakh1.0 HTK+ ATRs 10.49 lakh1.0 SX Rs 9.84 lakhXZA+Rs 10.24 lakhZXi ATRs 10.50 lakh–Titanium+Rs 10.66 lakh1.0 HTX+ iMTRs 11.65 lakh1.0 SX iMTRs 10.00 lakhXZ+ (O)Rs 10.54 lakhZXi+ ATRs 11.15 lakh–SRs 11.21 lakh1.0 GTX+ iMTRs 11.99 lakh1.0 SX (O) Rs 10.90 lakhXZA+ (O)Rs 11.14 lakh——1.0 GTX+ ATTBA1.0 SX (O) iMTRs 11.13 lakh———-1.0 SX+ ATRs 11.46 lakh——–

*Prices, ex-showroom, Delhi

It should be noted that Kia offers the Sonet with two petrol engines, which include an 83hp, 1.2-litre, naturally aspirated unit (with a 5-speed manual) and a 120hp, 1.0-litre, turbo-petrol unit (with a 6-speed iMT gearbox or 7-speed DCT automatic).

As we can see from the table above, the Ford EcoSport has the most expensive petrol manual in base trim. Though, at the top end, the Kia Sonet has the priciest petrol-manual, which is down to the fact that the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine only comes with an iMT gearbox and not a conventional manual. However, it is worth mentioning that the Hyundai Venue also features an iMT gearbox in its top-spec SX(O) trim, priced at Rs 11.13 lakh (Rs 68,000 less).

The most affordable petrol-auto in the segment is the Tata Nexon, as both its base and top-spec variants undercut the competition, while the Ford EcoSport has the costliest petrol-autos in this segment, for now.

As Kia has only announced prices for the mid-spec Sonet HTK+ automatic, the most affordable DCT automatic in the segment is still that of the Hyundai Venue (1.0-litre, S trim priced at Rs 9.65 lakh is Rs 84,000 less).  

How does the Kia Sonet compare to its diesel-powered rivals?

After the switch to BS6, there are fewer options when it comes to diesel-powered compact SUVs, with the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza now being a petrol only model. There are even fewer options when it comes to diesel-automatics.

Kia Sonet vs Rivals (diesel) pricesKia SonetHyundai VenueTata NexonMahindra XUV300Ford EcoSportVariantPriceVariantPrice*VariantPrice*VariantPrice*VariantPrice*HTE Rs 8.05 lakhERs 8.15 lakhXERs 8.45 lakhW4Rs 8.70 lakhAmbienteRs 8.67 lakhHTK Rs 8.99 lakhSRs 9.06 lakhXMRs 9.20 lakhW6Rs 9.70 lakhTrendRs 8.97 lakhHTK+ Rs 9.49 lakhSXRs 10.00 lakhXMARs 9.80 lakhW6 ATRs 10.20 lakhTitaniumRs 10.00 lakhHTX Rs 9.99 lakhSX (O)Rs 11.45 lakhXZRs 10.20 lakhW8Rs 10.75 lakhThunderRs 11.16 lakhHTK+ ATRs 10.39 lakh–XZ+Rs 11.00 lakhW8 ATRs 11.30 lakhTitanium+Rs 11.16 lakhHTX+ Rs 11.65 lakh–XZA+Rs 11.60 lakhW8 (O) Rs 11.75 lakhSRs 11.71 lakhGTX+ Rs 11.99 lakh–XZ+ (O)Rs 11.90 lakhW8 (O) ATRs 12.30 lakh–GTX+ ATTBA–XZA+ (O)Rs 12.50 lakh—-

*Prices, ex-showroom, Delhi


As we can see from the table above, the diesel manuals are all priced relatively close to each other, with the base-spec Sonet being the most affordable and just undercutting the Hyundai Venue. On the other hand, the Mahindra XUV300’s diesel manual range is the most expensive, though only fractionally more so than the Ford EcoSport’s.

In the diesel automatic category, there are only three contenders, with the Nexon and XUV300 both equipped with AMT gearboxes. The Kia Sonet is the only car in the segment to offer a torque-converter automatic gearbox with the diesel, giving it a distinct edge.

However ,this comes at a cost, as even the Sonet’s mid-spec HTK+ automatic is priced at Rs 10.39 lakh; once again, prices for top-spec Sonet automatics have not been announced yet. Comparatively, the mid-spec Tata Nexon XMA costs Rs 9.80 lakh (Rs 59,000 less).While the mid-spec XUV300 W6 AT trim comes in at Rs 10.20 lakh (Rs 10,000 less).

How do the Kia Sonet’s prices compare to rivals?

Considering the variety of engine-gearbox options, features and variants the Kia Sonet is offered with, the carmaker has covered almost all price points in the segment. However, this has also made the higher variants of the Sonet notably more expensive than its rivals.

Even with automatics, despite only announcing prices of the mid-level trims of the petrol and diesel, both are more expensive than their competitors. This trend will likely be seen again when the prices for the higher trim-levels of the automatic gearbox-equipped Sonet are announced.

Kia is expected to announce these in the coming weeks, which will give us a clearer picture of the range. We are going to have to wait and see how these prices impact the Sonet’s position in the segment.

All prices are ex-showroom, India


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