Diesel prices hiked by 48 paise today while petrol prices remained unchanged

Petrol currently priced at Rs 79.76/litre in the national capital

This is the first time that diesel is costlier than petrol in India

The unthinkable has happened. The price of diesel, once touted as the ‘common man’s fuel’, has raced ahead of petrol. As of today 6am, diesel costs Rs 79.88 a litre as compared to Rs 79.76 for a litre of petrol – a difference of 12 paise. The price of diesel was hiked by 48 paise/litre while petrol prices remain unchanged from June 23.

Minuscule as the difference may be, it marks the first time that the price of diesel has risen above the cost of petrol. This comes on the back of continuous hikes in fuel prices for 18 days in a row.  The price increases mark 20-month highs for both fuels. With today’s hike, prices of these two fossil fuels have cumulatively risen by Rs 8.83 (petrol) and Rs 10.59 (diesel) per litre in the past 18 days.

In comparison, diesel costs Rs 78.22 a litre versus Rs 86.54 for petrol in Mumbai as of today. In Chennai, the cost of a litre of diesel is Rs 77.17 while a litre of petrol costs Rs 83.04. In Kolkata, diesel is priced at Rs 75.06 a litre and Rs 81.45 for petrol.

FUEL PRICES AS OF JUNE 24 (per litre)


Delhi: Rs 79.88

Mumbai: Rs 78.22

Chennai: Rs 77.17

Kolkata: Rs 75.06


Delhi: Rs 79.76

Mumbai: Rs 86.54

Chennai: Rs 83.04

Kolkata: Rs 81.45

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