I have been an Autocar reader for more than 10 years, so I know that you give me useful advice. I want to buy a diesel car and have shortlisted the Ford EcoSport Titanium and Hyundai Creta E. However, I can’t decide between them as their on-road prices are similar. Should I go with the EcoSport’s Titanium variant that’s loaded with features or with the higher-segment Hyundai Creta’s base E variant that has all the basic, necessary features?

K Saran Prasadh, Coimbatore

If you are driving yourself and don’t need the extra space, a fully-loaded EcoSport will be better. It is overall a nicer car to drive, thanks to its nimble handing and strong performance. The Creta is a more modern car and has smarter interiors and more space, but the E version misses out on some basic features and doesn’t even have an infotainment system. Since you will be driving the car, you need these basic niceties, which the EcoSport has, to make your drive more enjoyable.

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