Carrying on from Part 1 of our Maintenance Cost Comparison, we bring you Part 2, which deals with the Premium and Executive Sedan segments. Be sure to check out our criteria and methodology for this detailed study from the link above.

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the SUV, the higher-end sedan segments, namelypremium and the executive sedans, consists of very few players. The former category is made up of just two – the Skoda Superb and the Toyota Camry, while the latter is comprised of the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and, though it’s a far more expensive CBU import, the Skoda Octavia RS245, which we’re including in the survey. Just how much does the overall maintenance for these cars cost over 60,000km? Read on to find out.

Maintenance costs calculated over 60,000km

Premium and Executive sedan maintenance costs compared

Factors in service parts & life, labour rates and service intervals

Premium sedan maintenance costs

The premium sedan segment consists of just two models and both are offered in petrol avatars, with the Camry being a hybrid.

Over the course of 60,000km, the Camry Hybrid has six periodic services, whereas the Skoda has only four, but it’s the Camry that costs less to maintain.

In addition to the standard replacement parts, the Superb also requires its drivebelt and spark plugs to be replaced, which isn’t the case with the Camry. Higher labour and parts costs make the Skoda much more expensive to maintain.

Premium executive sedans maintenance costs (in Rupees)Skoda SuperbToyota Camry HybridEngine2.0P2.5PCOST OF PARTSAir Filter11031781Oil Filter1244717Washer Drain Plug24859Spark Plug (for entire set)2256NAFan Belt/ Drivebelt1132NAEngine Oil54721463Brake fluid 518173Pollen / HVAC filter 9893838SERVICE INTERVALS1 year or 15,000km1 year or 10,000km1st Service Cost (parts+labour)718326112nd Service Cost (parts+labour)1738664483rd Service Cost (parts+labour)1397860924th Service Cost (parts+labour)21121123385th Service Cost (parts+labour)-60926th Service Cost (parts+labour)-9929Total Cost (up to 60,000km)5966843510Maintenance cost per km0.990.73

Executive sedan maintenance costs

The executive sedan segment has dwindled down to merely the Honda Civic and the Hyundai Elantra. The third car in the segment, the fully imported Skoda Octavia RS245, isn’t exactly a direct competitor due to its price and performance.

The Hyundai Elantra is much cheaper to maintain than the Honda Civic, costing a little more than half of what the Civic does per kilometre. Interestingly, Hyundai also charges for labour from the 40,000km service onwards at a flat Rs 2,855 for each service.

Driving up the Civic’s costs a bit more are coolant and brake fluid replacements, which aren’t necessary for the Elantra, as well as higher labour charges applicable from the 20,000km service onwards.

In the Skoda’s case, the engine oil itself costs Rs 5,472 during each service, plus additional items like spark plugs, fan belt/drivebelt, transmission/transaxle oil and brake fluid further add to its total costs. Also, higher labour costs of over Rs 5,700 for the 30,000km and 45,000km service, and over Rs 6,500 for the 60,000km service, makesthe Skodathe costliest to maintain.

Executive sedans maintenance costs (in Rupees)ManufacturerHonda Civic Hyundai ElantraSkoda Octavia RS245Engine1.6D1.8P2.0P1.5D2.0PCOST OF PARTSAir Filter6454957817811103Oil Filter3951751723601244Fuel Filter1250NA18511725NAWasher Drain Plug3636NANA279Spark Plug (for entire set)NANANANA2256Fan Belt/ DrivebeltNANANANA1132Coolant16331821NANANAEngine Oil19781169128815945472Transmission/Transaxle OilNA1775NANA1554Brake fluid 330330NANA596Pollen / HVAC filter 9499493811321989SERVICE INTERVALS1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 10,000km 1 year or 15,000km1st Service Cost (parts+labour)335823291460195479092nd Service Cost (parts+labour)8852799718415781175973rd Service Cost (parts+labour)6331510222411954136424th Service Cost (parts+labour)88521219546967531285035th Service Cost (parts+labour)7634477243154810NA6th Service Cost (parts+labour)10195832773277531NATotal Cost (up to 60,000km)4522240722218802956167651Maintenance cost per km0.750.680.360.491.13

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