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Ahead of the festive season, Bajaj Auto is offering special cash discounts with the Platina 100, Platina 110 H Gear as well as the Pulsar 125 motorcycles in October 2020
The Pulsar range from the house of Bajaj Auto is one of the most popular motorcycles in the Indian market, and the company currently offers a total of nine bikes under it. With the festive season just around the corner, Bajaj aims to further boost its sales in order to make up for the depleted sales of the past few months.
Hence, the homegrown motorcycle manufacturer is offering discounts and offers with a range of Pulsar bikes in the month of October 2020. All Bajaj motorcycles across the country are currently being offered with a 5-year warranty as standard. In addition, different motorcycles are being offered with variable benefits.
Here is a list of the Bajaj motorcycles that are being offered with straight-up cash discounts in October 2020 –

Cash Discount

1. Platina 100 ES Drum
Rs 58,605
Rs 1,600

2. Platina 100 ES Disc
Rs 60,826
Rs 2,800

3. Platina 110 H Gear Disc
Rs 63,027
Rs 2,500

4. Pulsar 125 Drum
Rs 72,122
Rs 2,500

5. Pulsar 125 Split Seat Drum
Rs 73,274
Rs 3,000

6. Pulsar 125 Disc
Rs 76,922
Rs 2,000

7. Pulsar 125 Split Seat Disc
Rs 80,218
Rs 2,000

*All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi
The Platina 100 ES Drum, priced at Rs 58,605 is being offered with a cash discount of Rs 1,600, while the disc variant of the bike which is priced at Rs 60,826 (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi) gets a Rs 2,800 cash discount.

On the other hand, the Platina 110 H Gear Disc is currently being offered with a discount of Rs 2,500. It should be noted that Bajaj retails the Platina 110 H Gear at a base price of Rs 63,027 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Apart from the Platina range, Bajaj is also currently offering cash discounts on the Pulsar 125 motorcycle.
The entry-level Pulsar 125 Drum is currently priced at Rs 72,122, and currently gets a Rs 2,500 cash discount. The Pulsar 125 Disc on the other hand, is retailed at Rs 76,922 (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi), but gets a cash discount of Rs 2,000.
Bajaj also offers a split-seat version of the entry-level Pulsar 125, Drum and Disc variants of which have been priced at Rs 73,274 and Rs 80,218 (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively. The former is being offered with a Rs 3,000 cash discount, while the latter makes do with a Rs 2,000 discount in October 2020.
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